Essential things to know if you’re considering Lasik eye surgery

Essential things to know if you’re considering Lasik eye surgery
Essential things to know if you’re considering Lasik eye surgery

Are you tired of wearing eyeglasses? Do you want your eye problems to be corrected permanently? If yes, that means you might embark on a procedure that several people have once passed successfully. Firstly, I can assure you that the aim of choosing to undergo Lasik will surely come to reality. However, it must be instructed by an eye specialist USA

There’s no cause for alarm if an eye specialist tells you that you’ll be going for Lasik eye surgery. I want to bring you the excellent news that close to 16.2 million people have undergone this procedure. Lasik eye surgery was approved by Food and Drug Administration in 1999. And since then, this procedure has been the best option to treat eye problems like myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. Also, to ensure that you’re in safe hands, Lasik eye surgery is the only remedy for treating eye problems with low risks and side effects. 

Therefore, this article aims at explaining essential things you need to note if you’re considering Lasik eye surgery. But before I take you through the details, let us talk about what Lasik surgery entails.

What is Lasik Eye surgery?

What is Lasik Eye surgery?

The Laser is used to reshape or correct the corneal tissue underneath the flap. The flap will be lifted to ensure the corneal tissue underneath is corrected without complications in this procedure. Do you know why this is done? This procedure is done to ensure the light focus better on the retina. So, if this process is handled carefully, the cornea flap can be fully restored to its normal state. One crucial thing about this procedure is that it remains the best method of solving eye problems like myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. However, one thing is crucial. If you don’t want to undergo this surgery again, make sure you’re connected with the right source. What do I mean by being connected with the right source? Ensure that your Lasik surgeon is competent and reliable. Visit to read about Kids and Lasik eye surgery.

Essential things you need to know

  1. Several tests are involved: If you’re considering Lasik, you need to put yourself together and get ready to undergo a series of tests. So, don’t be surprised when the eye specialist demands too much of your attention. This procedure involves a lot of tests. Tests will be carried out on you to know the condition of your eyes. According to Fenster, he said, and I quote, “The pre-surgery testing took the better part of a day. 
Several tests are involved

You’ll know if you’re a candidate for Lasik during the testing period. One can have exceptional cases that make one unfit for Lasik eye surgery. If you have severely dry eyes, glaucoma, and diabetes, you’ll not be able to undergo this procedure. And all the above-listed diseases can be detected through tests. 

  1. Your eye doctor may not be able to perform the procedure: It is expedient for you to know that only Ophthalmologist can take you through Lasik surgery successfully. So, your eye doctor is an optometrist that needs to refer you to an Ophthalmologist. Therefore, you need to start thinking about how to get a competent Ophthalmologist because there are countless of them. 
  2. There are two Lasik to choose from: You need to know that there are two types of Lasik you can choose from. However, both methods are safe and effective. But you need to select one. We have flap Lasik. It’s all about cutting a flap in the cornea, using a laser to reshape the center cornea, and then folding the flap later. It is good to choose flap Lasik because it makes a recovery almost immediate.

On the other hand, the flapless Lasik is also effective and safe. Your surgeon will explain the difference clear to you. So, you have the chance to choose from any of the two. Just as the name implies, you should know that there’s no cutting of flap in flapless Lasik. Instead, a microscopic layer of the cornea will be eradicated. 

  1. You’ll need to ditch your contacts a bit: If you’re used to wearing contact lenses, you’ll need to have them out for some moment. You may need to stay without eyeglasses a few weeks before Lasik eye surgery. Also, your doctor might instruct you to stop wearing eyeglasses after the surgery. It all depends on your doctor’s instructions. Eyeglasses change the shape of one’s cornea, which can impact any measurements one’s Lasik provider takes for one’s procedure.
You’ll need to ditch your contacts a bit
  1. Restored eyesight: These days, people worry about the procedure’s outcome. Several people think about the possibility of gaining back their sight. Hence, there’s nothing to worry about. Most Ophthalmologist uses a laser with three-dimensional eye tracking. So, this permits the Laser to lock onto the eye. Not only that, but the tree-dimensional eye tracking will also track the slightest movements to ensure a safe and perfect procedure. So, you don’t need to be nervous. 
  2. You’ll need to put on a nighttime eye shield: Please note that you’ll need to put on a nighttime eye shield for four to six weeks. After the surgery, you’ll be given an eye shield to prevent you from rubbing, scratching, and bumping your eye. So, it is essential, especially for those who choose flap Lasik. 
  3. The procedure is not painful: You don’t need to be scared of undergoing the procedure. Although the procedure can be momentarily uncomfortable, that does not mean that it is painful. Remember, your eye is numbed with drops before the surgery, so you can’t feel any pain. Of course, one will experience some pressure. Therefore, there’s no cause for alarm. If you’re a candidate for this process and you’re scared of the thought that this process will be painful, then you need to come out of that mentality. 

On a final note

If you’re considering this procedure, the above-listed information is what you should take seriously. It will go a long way in assisting you. Dear reader, hopefully, you’ve seen something profound here. Please kindly share the link to this page with people that’ll benefit from it. Finally, while reading this article, a question regarding this topic might cross your mind. You can drop your question or contribution in the comment box.